In march 11th, the National Health department of Sweden decided to ban events above 500 people in the wake of the Corona Virus. The gouverment also declared that further quarantine actions will be upon us in order to stop the spread. All around Europe the virus is progressing and WHO is constantly updating about regulations and bans hour by hour.

We have been cancelled for several shows already in Germany due to the Corona Virus, CFN Fest 14/3 and Paunchy Cats 15/3 included, and time is hard for all of us involved in the entertainment industry globally. We expect more venues and promoters having to take actions which means that Acid’s Trip and everyone involved in this tour will be affected.

Regrettably we therefore have to postpone the tour and we have decided to give some time for this to run its course. We are looking at rescheduling for autum 2020 and our booking agent Electric Avenue Music is working on it as we speak. Exact dates coming soon. On a positive note, we can inform you that we will add more dates in Sweden in April/May until we can return to Europe again with full force!

We really hope you understand our predicament and that you guys are willing to attend to upcoming gigs on our tour as soon as we can have a firm date fixed. Our sincerest apologies for everyone affected. Promoters, venues and fans alike.

Health is key in this moment and we will take this time to focus in the studio and making great music out of this zombie-like state we’re in.

Sincerely – Electric Avenue Booking & Acid’s Trip – Acid, Rockard, Chris and Mike Denial

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